Custom 4" x 5.25" Foldover Thank You Cards To Match Your Invitations / Finalization



Custom 4" x 5.25" Foldover Thank You Cards To Match Your Invitations / Finalization


By placing this order you are giving permission to process and print a specific design that has been pre-approved by you.

Once you have placed the order, no further changes can be made and the processing will begin. Please recheck your proof carefully before submitting! It's always good to have a second set of eyes look it over for anything that you may have missed!



Interested in having a custom design created? . . .

To get started, please review all of the information below, then send an email to cutiepatootie.info@gmail.com with the words "CUSTOM DESIGN REQUEST" in the subject box, and the words "I AGREE to the terms & conditions" in the first line of the email.


Creating a NEW custom design based on your specifications is available during non-peak periods only, must be an original idea (not seen somewhere else), and must be something we feel could be featured in our store. There is no charge for this service, and in turn, any ideas that you submit to us would constitute an assignment to My Little Cutie Patootie that entitles us to use, reproduce, or publish without restrictions or compensation.

A minimum order quantity of 25 will apply. Pricing is featured in the drop down menu towards the upper right corner of this page, and is the same price scale that is used for all of our bridal shower invitations, with the exception of the starting quantity.

Please include the following details with your request:

  • Design concept, such as; outdoor cocktail party, ski resort setting, tropical, etc.
  • Color theme for the invitation.
  • Color choices for the clothing if applicable.
  • Dress style: long dress, short dress, formal, casual, or bridal gown; along with strapless, sleeveless or long sleeve preference. Some limitations apply, see below.
  • Hair color, eye color and skin tones to be used if applicable.
  • Details of the event, that you would like to have printed on your invitation.


After presenting you with the initial proof(s), a maximum of three (3) revisions will be made that include; changes to the colors, fonts, and graphics (see exclusions below). If you are not thrilled with the design after receiving a third proof, you will be under no obligation to continue. My Little Cutie Patootie reserves the rights to discontinue the design services after that point, unless a mutual agreement is made in regards to the design.

Some modifications are not included in our FREE Custom Designs. Please review the following exclusions . . .

  • Matching specific characteristics, such as tattoos, piercings, highlighted or multi-shaded hair, specific hair styles (changing hair length is included), facial structure, body shape, etc., is an additional $5.00-$15.00 per modification, depending on complexity.
  • Matching clothing styles or accessories, such as a specific dress or shoes you will be wearing, or a piece of jewelry you have, etc., is an additional $5.00-$15.00 per modification, depending on complexity. Dress lengths and color are included as noted in the details to include above.
  • Creating a similar likeness to your PET, that is based on a photo you submit is $20.00, and includes a JPG image of the completed drawing of your pet for you to keep! (Selecting a generic breed and color is included with an applicable design)
  • Extensive changes to the initial layout of the design range from $15.00-$25.00.

Any add-on modifications and charges will be summarized in an email to you, and need to paid prior to making the modifications and commencing the work. Unlimited revisions are included to the add-on portion(s) only, of your design.