Your Baby's Custom Birth Announcement

We love being a part of some of life's most fabulous moments, like announcing the birth of a precious child on one of our designs. It's very heartwarming to work on each individual baby's announcement, making sure that their first debut on paper is a phenomenal one!

Our Custom Birth Announcements are amazingly different, and include many unique customizations to make your baby's announcement an extraordinary one. You'll find that with our all-inclusive professional photo editing services, your baby's picture can have the same High-End Look you'd expect to get from some of the best Photography Studios around, without ever having to leave your house!

With each baby's individualized announcement, the editing and enhancement techniques used vary greatly. We've summarized some of the most commonly used processes below.




  • Hard as you try, the snapshots you take may have a few flaws here and there, but no worries! We give every baby's picture lots of TLC and will remove any flaws in the photo, remove jaundice or redness in the skin tone, and retouch or paint over areas in the background that may be distracting from your baby, and even change the color of your baby's outfit or blanket to perfectly coordinate with the announcement you choose... and it's all-inclusive!
  • We also give a lot of attention to details, taking time to ensure that all of the edges are smooth around your baby's photo after it's cropped, and that just the right angle and amount of shadows are added in for a natural effect! A fine-tuned cloning process is used to fill in any areas that may be missing or obstructed in your baby's photo, such as part of their clothing that may have sunken into the blanket they were laying on. Other enhancements and special effects are used to blend the photo and birth announcement together perfectly. When our editing is complete, you will have a "High-End Studio Look" design for a fraction of the price!
  • Our Imaginative Studio Designs include what we call "Fauxtography". This is where we'll expertly crop your baby's photo and place him or her into one of our special scenes or props, whether flying in an airplane, going through a basketball hoop, or laying on a vintage mini bed, we will make your baby appear as if he or she was there all along!
  • Looking for some good pointers on how to take a great baby picture? Check out our "Newborn Photography Tips", then when your baby's photo is ready, you can leave the rest to us to give it an added professional touch!
  • Modifications to the theme colors and fonts styles are possible and can be done at no extra charge. In the rare instance that your request doesn't work out, you'll have the choice whether or not to proceed with your order. To select a different font, please visit dafont.com, and let us know which one you'd like for us to use. There are hundreds of fonts available to choose from, and you can download some of the ones you like for FREE!
  • Embellishments, though they may appear real, are "high quality digital images, not actual bling".


  • Make sure that the resolution on your camera is on the highest setting available.
  • Newer iPhones and cell phones may have an HDR setting for taking better quality images and will need to be turned ON each time the camera application is used.
  • Older cell phones that do not have a high camera resolution is not advised for use, as the pictures are often grainy and not suitable for editing.
  • Please do not reduce the image size when sending or uploading the photo(s).