Customizing Your Design


"My Style"
Imagine an invitation with the Bride-to-Be or Mommy-to-Be having features similar to your own, and that has "YOUR" flare and style, and is in your favorite colors too! An invitation that has endless possibilities for whatever you can imagine, and is just what you've been looking for, and the best part...that it doesn't cost any extra! 
(some limitations apply)

Our "My Style" CUSTOM OPTIONS doesn't rely on computer generated editing, but is a full-scale design service that can take on virtually any request! By creating our own designs from scratch we have the the flexibility to do just about anything!

Whether you choose your custom features from our listed options, or send us photos for a more-fine tuned match, it's all hands on here for a truly individual design! Proofs are usually ready within 2-3 business days. Complex changes require a little extra time. The service you receive, and the attention your custom invitation will get when your guests receive it is priceless! 

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