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The guest list for the wedding should be the only source of determining guests for the bridal shower aside from special circumstances, such as a destination wedding, or a small office shower at work. Otherwise, you should not invite anyone to the shower who will not be invited to the wedding.

Informing Shower Guests About Your Destination Wedding, Who Are Not Invited To Both

When planning a shower for the couple who is having a destination wedding, it should be clearly stated on the invitation, or on a separate enclosed note that this is the case, as for some, this is still a controversial issue even though it has become a growing trend. This will give them the opportunity to accept or decline on that basis, and shows them courtesy on your behalf. It also helps to eliminate any confusion amongst your guests, who may be expecting a wedding invitation to follow. Keep the wording on the invitation brief and to the point, as in the following example:

Shower Wording for a Destination Wedding

Before (Bride) departs for her destination wedding,
let's celebrate here with a shower and our blessing!


For a formal bridal shower, always include titles such as "Mrs. Anne Smith". If the invitation is intended for more than one guest at a household, separate invitations should be sent unless it's children under 18 years old that you are also inviting. In that instance, you would write the mother's name on the first line, and the children on the next line:

Mrs. Anne Smith

Miss Jodi Smith, Miss Brenda Smith

For an informal bridal shower there are many different ways you can address the invitation, such as:

Anne Smith

Jodi and Brenda

The Smith Ladies

Anne, Jodi & Brenda


Mail your invitations approximately four weeks prior to the date of the bridal shower. This gives the guests enough time to plan for the event, but not so far off that they are likely to forget about it.


Bridal showers vary from casual to formal and chic to fancy. When selecting your bridal shower invitation, make sure it reflects the formality of your shower, as well as the style and theme you have chosen for the celebration.

Information to Include

When composing your invitation you will want to include all of the pertinent information:

Purpose, such as "Bridal Shower"

Name of the honoree

Date of the shower

Time of the event

Location with address (zip code may be excluded)

Host name(s)

RSVP date and contact information

Bridal registry information

Note: Old school etiquette followers will find that the "bridal registry" information, and even "RSVP" information is taboo on the invitation itself! However, the trend today is to "include" this information, space permitting, thus eliminating additional inserts and helping not only to keep costs down, but also to reduce waste, which is a good ecological practice. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Once you have all of your information together, it can't be stressed enough how important it is to recheck it for accuracy, and have as many people as you can look it over for anything that you may have missed. Pull out a calendar to confirm that the day and date of your event matches, you'd be surprised how common of a mistake this is and reprints can be costly! Verify the spelling of the host names, honoree name, etc. When you receive a proof for invitations that are going to be printed, overlook it carefully one more time for any errors...it's your last chance to make any changes before it goes to print!

Multiple Host Names

If more than one person will be hosting the shower list them alphabetically by last name, if no one takes precedence over another and space on the invitation doesn't dictate reordering them. If you have a large number of hosts, consider printing the names on an insert card, to avoid drawing attention away from the purpose of the invitation ~ celebrating the bride-to-be!

How to Write a Formal Date

Formal dates are written using one line of text for the day of the week, month and day. The second line of text should have the year. Only the day of the week, month, and first letter of the year should be capitalized. All other letters should be lower case. Example:

Saturday, the twentieth of September
Two thousand and fourteen

How to Write an Informal Date

One of the most misunderstood and common mistakes made is the use of "th" in a date. When writing a date, "th" should only be used when your date is NOT followed by the year, for example:

September 20th

If the date is to be followed by the year, do NOT use the "th":

September 20, 2014

When the day precedes the date, a comma must be used:

Saturday, September 20th

Dates that will be written on the same line as the time do not require a comma after the date when the word "at" precedes the time:

Saturday, September 20th at 1:00 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 1:00 PM

A comma is required if the the word "at" does not precede the time when used on the same line as the date:

Saturday, September 20th, 1:00 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2014, 1:00 PM

Writing the Time

Formal invitations will always have written dates and times, and the time of day will depict what usage of words you use, whether it's "morning", "afternoon" or "evening", as shown in the sample times and verbiage below. Remember when you write out the time formally, you should only use whole and half hours - no quarter hours!

Morning 12:00 AM - 11:59 AM  /  at eleven thirty in the morning

Afternoon 12:00 PM - 5:59 PM  /  at one o'clock in the afternoon

Evening 6:00 PM-11:59 PM  /  at six thirty in the evening

The proper etiquette for informal invitation writing lists that you use "PM" or "p.m." after the time, or follow the time by "o'clock". Periods are not used when capitalizing PM, but should be used when writing p.m. in lower case. Here are some examples of the different styles:

at 1:00 o'clock

at 1:00 PM

at 1:00 p.m.

The Use of Punctuation

Punctuation is not used at the end of a line (commas, periods, colons, etc.); however, commas are used within lines to separate the day from the date, the city from the state and a man's surname such as Jr. (Junior). This rule does not apply to poems or special verses, which can be written with or without punctuation.


The first letter of each line is not capitalized unless it is a proper noun, or is a sentence that that begins a new thought, for example: "Saturday, the twentieth" begins with a noun, and "on Saturday, the twentieth" does not, "on" is not a noun.

In our Invitation Writing Styles below, you will see that the "Hosted by" line begins with a capital letter, as this begins a new thought that follows the when and where details of the event.


Example of a formal bridal shower invitation:

A short poem, verse or sentiment (optional)

Please join us for a
Bridal Shower
in honor of
Karen Smith
Saturday, the twentieth of September
Two thousand and fourteen
at one o'clock in the afternoon
1325 Willow Road
Novi, Michigan
Hosted by Julia Bradford
RSVP by September 10th to Julia
at 248-765-1437
Karen is registered at Bed Bath & Beyond

Example of an informal bridal shower invitation:

A short poem, verse or sentiment (optional)
Please join us for a
Bridal Shower
in honor of
Karen Smith
Saturday, September 20th
at 1:00 PM
1325 Willow Road
Novi, Michigan
Hosted by the bridesmaids
RSVP by September 10th
to karensbridalshower@gmail.com
Karen is registered at Bed Bath & Beyond




Hearts and flowers, ribbons and lace,
the look of love is upon her face.
A happy heart that's hard to hide,
this woman is soon to be a bride.


Like a garden in the Spring,
life is full of wonderful things.
When their eyes met from the start,
a garden of love was planted in their hearts.


She's got a smile on her face
and a look full of grace.
Her heart is bursting and she wants to sing,
the wedding bells soon will ring.


They've made the plans and ordered the cake,
and are anxious for the vows they'll make.
Help pass the time and shorten the wait,
at shower for _____, and here's the date . . .
Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of


A shower we're giving
for the soon-to-be husband and wife
for the things they may need
as they begin their new life.


It started with a kiss,
and now it's come to this . . .


Star light, star bright!
She has found her Mr. Right!


____ found her charming prince
and she's been in love ever since!


There's nothing more fun
when the rain falls from above
than being under an umbrella
with the one you love!
Please join us for a Bridal Shower in honor of


The date is fast approaching
and now's the perfect time
to get the girls together
before the wedding bells chime!


Before she becomes a bride,
Before she throws the bouquet,
Before she walks down the aisle,
Before the big day . . .


Cupid's arrow has struck again,
and soon ____ and ____'s new life will begin!


It's time for us to celebrate
____'s upcoming wedding date!


Something old, Something new
Something borrowed, Something blue
____'s getting ready
to say "I do!"


Before this Miss becomes a Missus,
let's shower her with love and our good wishes!





The joining of two hands makes one heart


Dreams Really Do Come True!


A Bridal Tea...For the Bride-to-be!


Eat, Drink and Be Married


Going To The Chapel


Love is Like Your Heart
It Only Beats For One


It Was Sealed With A Kiss


Hand in hand, Heart to heart
Soon their life together will start


A match made in heaven


Finding the right man
was easier than finding the right wedding dress!


There's magic in the air




We're cooking up a surprise bridal shower for _____,
and the key ingredient is You!


A sprinkle of confetti and a couple of kisses,
soon ____ and ____ will be Mr. & Mrs.
But as we wait for that special hour,
let's honor ____ with a SURPRISE Bridal Shower!


We're having a Bridal Shower and you’re invited to show…
but please don’t tell ____ because she doesn’t know.
So if you can make it here’s a word to the wise,
make sure you come early because it’s a surprise!




Enclosed for you is a recipe card,
to fill it in shouldn't be very hard.
______ might like to try your favorite cake,
or whatever it is that you like to make.
So don't forget it on this special date,
please fill it in now and don't hesitate.
At the shower there will be a recipe box to fill,
So bring this card, please if you will.


The ingredients for a successful marriage:
A whole lot of love and a dash of spice,
and lots of answers to "What's for dinner, my lovely new wife?"
Please bring this recipe card filled out by you,
with something quick and easy for _____ to do!


____ and ____ love to cook,
so please bring a recipe from your book!
Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner for two,
when they cook it, they'll think of you!


Recipe for Marriage:
1 cup Love, 1 cup Commitment
1 cup Respect, 1 cup Understanding
A dash of Hope, A pinch of Luck
Stir together with a lot of Faith
and serve with Joy!
And, this recipe card filled out by you
would help too!




Spices, detergents, and gadgets galore,
There are never enough, you can always use more.
Wrap it in tissue, and your name do not tell,
It's just a little something for her Wishing Well. 




He likes beer and she likes wine
She likes to cook, which he thinks is mighty fine!
He'll mow the lawn, while she makes the bed
All in all they're perfect to wed!
Bring something sweet for her, something special for him
or pick out a gift for the two of them!


Gather the ladies and the guys too,
This Jack & Jill shower won't be complete without you!


Something for her, something for him,
or something for the both of them!




Flannel pajamas are _______'s night-time attire,
She needs a few new things to help light the fire!
 A lingerie shower will start her off right,
So let's outfit her wardrobe for the honeymoon night!


Something old, something new... No, no, no this will not do!
Something naughty, something nice -
 Now we're talking, let's add some spice!
Join us for a Lingerie Shower for


____ and ____ are tying the knot
that's why this party is going to be Hot!
Please bring some naughty, or something extra nice
to make sure their marriage has lots of spice!!!


Something satin or see-thru lace
To put a smile on her groom's face.


Sexy and Sassy are what ____ will be
when we shower her with lingerie
that (hubby-to-be name) will love to see!
Join us for a lingerie shower for


Nighties and teddies, a little silk bra,
are all sure to make (hubby-to-be-name) say...


_______'s getting married and I'd like say,
please come to her shower and bring lingerie.
 Fun we will have and laughter we'll make,
for ______'s getting married, for goodness sake.
Enjoy and evening out with our friend,
come around ______ and stay until the end.
She's excited and nervous and you ask why?
She's in Love, and can't deny!