Invitations With a Personality!
Redesigning My Little Cutie Patootie

Since this is my first blog post ever, you may not know anything about me or my company, this is who I am . . .

I'm Maria Sloan, and living my dream in an imaginative world where I bring characters and personalities to life on paper! My special niche is creating invitations and announcements that capture a person's personality and leaves an imprint on the recipients of these special designs. I'm the type of person who doesn't want what everyone else has, and thrives on things that have a unique identity of their own. Something that stands out. Something that can't be duplicated, which is why I used to make a lot of things from scratch, including having sewn my own clothes (no time for that anymore)!

Every card I design and custom edit becomes a piece of "artwork" that reflects the style and likeness of the person it's intended for. They'll send in their photo, and I'll recreate the bride or mommy to be so it will resemble them! I just LOVE IT, and feel like a little kid with a new box of crayons all the time!

In 2011 I opened my first My Little Cutie Patootie website. It was very basic and didn't have any bells or whistles, and navigating it wasn't the easiest to do. I'd thought about redesigning the site, but inexperience in that field gave me cold feet. Well the little extra nudge to do it finally came when the company I previously hosted my site with gave notice that they were merging with another company, and I had only weeks to MOVE MY SITE ELSEWHERE, or it would go "POOF" and disappear off the face of the internet! I'm not prone to "panic attacks", but this sure set me off with the "move it or lose it ultimatum".

My nightmares were realized whenever those pesky coding issues arose, and I had no idea what language the tech support gurus were speaking . . .

But somehow, within the few short weeks after closing the old website, by the Grace of God, I managed to create the new one in record time! Hmmm, you may be thinking it's not that big of a deal, but for me it was HUGE! Though I have a lot of graphic design experience, WEB DESIGN is a totally different animal, and I had to learn as I went along! I've been jumping up and down with excitement to have made it this far, and am so thrilled to now have a more "user friendly" site!!!

I do believe with God all things are possible, even when they seem impossible! The website is my testimonial to that, as I have had virtually no experience with code, and the site is literally driven by it. I'm no Einstein either, just blessed!!!

Until next time, wishing you all the best!

Maria Sloan